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We assist you from the thorough analysis of the tender documents until the submission of your offer to reach victory.

This is a tailor-made service.


Depending on your own structure, resource network, skills and knowledge, a dedicated TASC consultant can supervise the response to the calls for tenders, take the lead or simply be available on demand.


The following services are available
when customising your coaching:

- Analyse calls for tenders’ documents
- Structure tenders’ response
- Draw up list of required
  administrative  documents,
  approvals, certificates, etc.
- Create bid planning
- Identify the desired
  requirements set by the Institution


- Identify the key tender
  success factors
- Identify complementary skills
  that are needed among third
  parties as partners or contractors
- Create and negotiate agreements
  between you and these third parties
- Final editing analysis of entire
  tender document before it
  is submitted
- and more.