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Networking is one of the domains we really master. We ensure new partners
strong research capabilities. We define the right partners according to
the selection criteria established with our clients. Key documents are shared
with future partners. We advise and ensure the right partnership through
legal formal or informal structures.


It is all about building enduring,
mutually beneficial relationships. 
We have extensive experience in
supporting our clients to find the right
partners, in Europe and beyond,
able to provide the unique service
required by the Contracting Authorities. 
You are guided by TASC’s qualified
experts with legal and financial
background ensuring the validity
of content.


We help you scan the market for suitable partners that will bring complementary added-value to your company.

We act as both an architect enabling partnerships to come together and as an independent referee defining the rights, obligations, responsibilities and accountability of each partner.



We draw up the key documents/agreements (pre-bid agreement, bidding Memorandum of Understanding, partners’ tasks split, etc.) to cover:

- the roles and responsibilities of all
  parties involved.
- how the structure will operate once
  the contract has been successfully